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Comptine-moi (3mo-2 yo)

French immersion and collaborative song along for Babies and their grown-ups

More info here.

Les p'tites mains (2.5-5 yo)

French immersive playgroup and preschool alternative classes. 

More info here.

Les petits et grands explorateurs (4-12 yo)

French immersive enrichment, Saturday and after-School classes for preschoolers and school age kids.

More Info here.

Les petits et grands navigateurs (5-12 yo)

French immersions enrichment and after-School classes for Native speakers & advanced learners.  

More info here.


French day-camp & Mini-camp (5-11 yo)

French immersions enrichment workshops : "Le petit labo" and mini-day camp "Les petits explorateurs des vacances" during school recess for Native speakers & advanced learners.  

More info here.

Home-schooling & Tutoring

Individual & Group class/playgroup for preschool and school aged children a

Classes held at your convenience - Western Queens & North Brooklyn & Manhattan.

Contact us for more info


Quelle chance d'avoir cette école a Astoria-LIC !

My son (...) is very eager to communicate in French. (...)

I love how creative the classes are and what a nice little community the school has created in our neighborhood.


My son has not known a word of French (...) yet already after a few weeks he has picked up many words and was able to follow simple instructions when spoken to in French. (...) 

LCCF is a beautiful and creative community where learning happens through play and the opportunity to discover. 


La Caravane FrancoFun reserves the right to change, reschedule or cancel a class in case of low enrollment or unforesseen events outside our control.

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